Monday, December 8, 2008

Bak Zhang Christmas Cut Outs


Note: It is recommended to print on ArtCard and use stick glue for the best quality.

These are the first drafts of Christmas Cutouts, do get it printed, get a cuppa, sit back and enjoy cutting them out ;)

More updates on Chrismas Cutouts coming soon.

Ok and here we go...


Bak Zhang to translate as rice dumpling in Hokkian, is a festive delicacy which my granny holds so much flavors into a ultra compressed triangular shaped dumpling, which topped my chart of favorite food all year round!

In using the triangular shape of Bak Zhang along with various fusion of modern elements, which I explored in different form of medium aimed to deliver Bak Zhang not only just a delicacy but also a design aspect where visual elements are injected and reshaped in paper crafts. Whereby users are able to download and construct into a decoration.

This is an ongoing experimental process of my personal exploration and fascination of granny's Bak Zhang. With so much flavors and environment to touch on in a humble traditional family delicacy. =)

Of course, as always please do feel free to drop any feedbacks for further improvements. Thank You